Nassos Kranidiotis

5 2  y e a r s  o f  p r e s e n c e  o n  p l a n e t  E a r t h

Apps & Websites

I can write code in C++, C#, Java, Python, Javascript, SQL, HTML, CSS.  Samples of my projects are listed below:

Information Science

I am attending courses at Hellenic Open University to achieve a Master's in Information Science.  Check out those special YouTube playlists of video tutorials on topics of my studies:

You may visit Life Is Code and find interesting material, special notes, and videos and more.

Video & Photography


Thoughts and poems from 1993 up to now are published in my special website named Moments In Time. All words are written in Greek. 


Visit my blog to read thoughts and find out remarkable things about my life. I started this blog back in 2007 and I keep posting.

About me


I am currently attending courses at Hellenic Open University for a Master's degree in Information Systems. 


I took my BSc in Physics at the University of Athens. My thesis was about "Gravity Darkening in Close Binary Stars of type W Ursae Majoris" (🔎).

Scientific Citations